Grain Free Pellets

Cattle King Grain Free Pellets

CattleKing Grain Free Pellets are a balanced lucerne hay/lupin pellet. It is a specifically formulated pellet for maintaining and fattening livestock. It also helps meet pasture quality and quantity shortages.

It has been formulated from lupins, lucerne, vegetable oil, vitamins, minerals & Bovacillus.  *Bovacillus™ contains two strains of Bacillus bacteria (Bacillus subtilis DSM5750 and Bacillus licheniformis DSM5749) which were selected based on multiple criteria, one of which is their capacity to produce enzymes. These enzymes can assist with the digestion of feedstuffs fed to cattle and other ruminants Bovacillus™ is a registered trademark of Chr Hansen.

The benefits of feeding hay/legume based pellets include:

  • Fiber stimulates rumination and reduces the risk of acidosis.
  • Livestock do not require additional access to hay or roughage once accustomed to the pellets, making them a valuable pellet during the drought!
  • The pellets are formulated with macro and micro minerals and vitamins.
  • The large 9mm pellets reduces wastage.

For best performance limit the intake of CattleKing Grain Free Pellets to less than 3% of the body weight of the stock being fed (3kg per 100kg live weight) per day. To limit intake, use self-feeders, feed out required amount at least 2-3 times a week.

Product Information

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Cattle King Product - Grain Free Pellets

Delivery Options

Road Delivery (QuickLick)

11,000, 23,000, 34,000 or 46,000 litre orders can be delivered direct to the farm via Single semi-trailer, B-double, or Road train configuration. (Depending on size of customer’s tank).

Road Delivery (Pellet/Meal)

B-Double loads of Pellets or Meal can be delivered on farm by our hard working contractors. These loads consist of 40 tonnes or product and can be delivered to you on farm.

Onsite Fills

Local farmers can fill up any amount of 1000 litre pods on site here at the depot.

Pallet Pickup

Protein meal can either be collected from the Depot or delivered in the form of 1 tonne Pallets or 1 tonne bulka bags (minimum of 4 tonne) either out of Sarina Depot or Brisbane Depot.