Pasture Pellets

Cattle King Pasture Pellets

CattleKing 22% Pasture Pellets are derived from our CattleKing Protein Meal, with the added benefits of additional vitamins, trace minerals, ionophores and rumen buffers. It has high energy levels (12.5mj/kg) and a quality source of protein (22%). Feeding quality feeds like CattleKing 22% Pasture Pellets ensures maximum productivity and value for money for your cattle.

Our Pasture Pellet contains:

  • Monensin – ionophores which improves feed efficiency.
  • Acid Buf – manufactured from calcareous marine algae, which helps neutralise rumen acid and allows it to work more efficiently.
  • Biotin – a B-complex vitamin that is soluble to water. It is shown to improve coat condition, hoof health and hoof hardness.
  • Levucell SC – a naturally selected live yeast (Sac-charomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077). It helps to optimize rumen functions.

Sub clinical acidosis from grain reduces fibre digestion and weight gain. Acidosis can lead to problems with feet, affecting the ability to graze. Inconsistent intakes of grain on pasture can compound acidosis problems. CattleKing 22% Pasture Pellets contain very little starch therefore, it reduces the risk of acidosis.

CattleKing 22% Pasture Pellets are sold directly from our Sarina depot, or alternatively, will be available for bulk delivery straight to your farm, via our specially designed and built grain bins. Ask our friendly staff today, to find out more about bulk prices and freight.

For best performance limit the intake of CattleKing 22% Pasture Pellets to 1% of the body weight of the stock being fed (1kg per 100kg live weight, to a maximum of 8kg a day). To limit intake, use self-feeders. Intake must be restricted when introducing any new feeds and gradually increase over a couple of weeks. Feed out required amount at least 2-3 times a week. CattleKing 22% Pasture Pellets can also be included as part of a custom ration.

This product is excellent for all classes of cattle, but is NOT suitable for horses, sheep or dogs and may be fatal.

This product does not contain restricted animal materials.


Typical Analysis

Dry Matter
94% Phosphorus 0.68%
Protein 22% Magnesium 0.29%
Digestibility 69% Sodium 0.21%
NDF 32% Potassium 1.10%
Non Fibre Carbohydrates 41% Zinc 45mg/kg
Fat 3.5% Copper 8mg/kg
Metabolized Energy (MJ) 12.5MJ/KG Iron 215mg/kg
Calcium 0.88% Manganese 110mg/kg

Cattle King Product - Pasture Pellets

Delivery Options

Road Delivery (QuickLick)

11,000, 23,000, 34,000 or 46,000 litre orders can be delivered direct to the farm via Single semi-trailer, B-double, or Road train configuration. (Depending on size of customer’s tank).

Road Delivery (Pellet/Meal)

B-Double loads of Pellets or Meal can be delivered on farm by our hard working contractors. These loads consist of 40 tonnes or product and can be delivered to you on farm.

Onsite Fills

Local farmers can fill up any amount of 1000 litre pods on site here at the depot.

Pallet Pickup

Protein meal can either be collected from the Depot or delivered in the form of 1 tonne Pallets or 1 tonne bulka bags (minimum of 4 tonne) either out of Sarina Depot or Brisbane Depot.