Protein Meal

Protein Meal for Horses

Protein Meal for Horses and Performance Horses

As the meal has a high oil and fibre content it is an ideal supplement for horses on dry pastures.

Working horses will only require a small amount in conjunction with other high energy feed stuffs while breeding and growing horses can be fed up to half a kilogram per head per day.

Protein Meal is a by-product of the grain ethanol distillery industry. It is predominantly made up of sorghum, barley & wheat. The objective during the milling process is to remove as much starch from the grain.

Benefits to Horses

  • Cattle King Protein Meal has high energy levels (12mj/kg) and high protein (22-25%)
  • On pasture, protein meals will convert into extra gain much more efficiently than grain based rations.
  • Protein Meal is unique, it contains very little starch (7%). It may reduce the occurrence of Equine Metabolic Diseases (tying up, laminitis, colic) & Genetic Muscle Disorders (PPSM).
  • Feeding Protein Meal will help maintain a healthy gut & a normal insulin metabolism.
  • It is a quality feed that has been fed to horses for over 15 years.
  • This product is excellent for all classes of horses, from performance horses, pony club, breeding & stud & young horses.

For best performance limit the intake of Cattle King Protein Meal  to 1 kg per day for paddocked horses, up to 2kg per day for performance horses, stud & broodmares. Cattle King Protein Meal can also be included as part of a custom ration, in a feed mixed with chaff &/or other grains & mineral concentrates or on its own. It should be gradually introduced over a period of 2 weeks.

If feeding more than 1kg’s a day, it is more beneficial to split into 2 or more feeds.

Please ensure there is always fresh drinking water available.

Protein meal is available in 30kg bags, tonne bags or loose bulk.
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Protein Meal Products

Delivery Options

Road Delivery (QuickLick)

11,000, 23,000, 34,000 or 46,000 litre orders can be delivered direct to the farm via Single semi-trailer, B-double, or Road train configuration. (Depending on size of customer’s tank).

Road Delivery (Pellet/Meal)

We currently have 2 B-Double sets of grain trailers running, to deliver to you, on farm, via a tipper set (approx 40tonne total capacity) or into troughs, via our Auger set of trailers (approx 35tonne total capacity). Orders via our grain trailers must be of 10 tonnes or more.

Onsite Fills

Local farmers can fill up any amount of 1000 litre pods on site here at the depot.

Pallet Pickup

Protein meal can either be collected from the Depot or delivered in the form of 1 tonne Pallets or 1 tonne bulka bags (minimum of 4 tonne) either out of Sarina Depot or Brisbane Depot.