Wet Season

For the best results from our products, they should be fed all year round, which is where our Wet Season comes in. It does not contain as much Urea as our Topline, but it does contain more phosphorus. Using this in conjunction with the Topline will ensure the best for your cattle all year round!

QuickLick Wet Season contains a rumen modifier (Bovatec), which improves the cost effectiveness of your pasture by helping the beast to utilize energy and protein more efficiently. This product employs a unique chelation process to assist in mineral uptake and contains a blend of chelated trace elements that are highly digestible to provide superior animal health, fertility and

The average intake is 0.5 of a litre per adult beast but will vary with seasonal conditions. It is recommended that it be fed in covered troughs especially in high rainfall areas to prevent the product from being diluted.

A sufficient supply of clean water and forage must be available at all times.


  • This product contains Urea
  • This product is not suitable for horses
  • This product must not be fed to starving stock

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Typical Analysis

Max Crude Protein 4.4% Urea 1.5%
Natural Protein 5.0% Iodine 3 mg/kg
Total Protein 9.4% Vitamin A 88000 IU
Lascolacid (Bovatec) 240 mg/kg Vitamin D 5700 IU
Phosphorous 3000 mg/kg Vitamin E 194 mg/kg
Potassium 29.6 g Iron 100 mg/kg
Sulphur 0.45% Cobalt 16 mg/kg
Calcium 1.1% Zinc 226 mg/kg
Magnesium 0.42% Energy 3.8 mj/kg
Sodium 0.3% Copper 60 mg/kg
Selenium 17 mg/kg Manganese 180 mg/kg
Weight 870lt/ton

QuickLick Products

Delivery Options

Road Delivery (QuickLick)

11,000, 23,000, 34,000 or 46,000 litre orders can be delivered direct to the farm via Single semi-trailer, B-double, or Road train configuration. (Depending on size of customer’s tank).

Road Delivery (Pellet/Meal)

B-Double loads of Pellets or Meal can be delivered on farm by our hard working contractors. These loads consist of 40 tonnes or product and can be delivered to you on farm.

Onsite Fills

Local farmers can fill up any amount of 1000 litre pods on site here at the depot.

Pallet Pickup

Protein meal can either be collected from the Depot or delivered in the form of 1 tonne Pallets or 1 tonne bulka bags (minimum of 4 tonne) either out of Sarina Depot or Brisbane Depot.