Satisfied cattle and horse breeders

Anthony and Casey Hay

Moonya, Wandoan

Casey and Rozzi Hay, together with Casey’s father Anthony Hay, Moonya, Wandoan, sold 98 Braford steers as part of the Braford feature sale at today’s Roma store sale.

The steers averaged 334c/kg for 395kg to return $1320/head.

Casey Hay said the steers had been on a Cattle King QuickLick mineral supplement since they were weaned….….

Read the story featured in Queensland Country Life



I’ve been feeding Protein Meal to my horses for the past 2 years.

From Competitive Horses to Broodmares to Stallions. I have found the product a cheap & very efficient product to keep weight on all types of horses. I did run out over a Christmas period in the first year, so put horses back on Copra, but only found they had dropped weight & lost their iridescent shine all my horses seem to have.

Highly recommend Protein Meal!

Desley Kerr

Horse Breeder

We have been using the Protein Meal as a regular part of our horse feeding regime for the last few years for our team of polocrosse and ponyclub horses with excellent results.

We are also very pleased with the results for our brood mares and weanlings. When we can we buy by tonne bags for the extra savings.

We highly recommend Protein Meal.

Kelvin & Margaret Maloney

‘Kenilworth’ Mt Coolan

‘Kenilworth Station’ located 21klms west of Mt Coolan has been in the Maloney Family for the past 49 years. Kelvin & Margaret’s ambition has been to breed quality poll Brahmans that are consistent in their performance, productivity & fertility.

“Our main market are quality herd bulls & fat meatworks cattle. ‘Kenilworth’ is not deficient country & we have found that our cattle wont take to dry licks. Molasses is not always available at the end of the year when most needed. This is when QuickLick Topline stands out as our cattle go straight on to it. Topline keeps our breeders strong & helps them to feed their calves well through the dry. The extra nutritional value also enables the breeders to get back into calf quickly which is important especially because we control mate.We also use QuickLick on our steers to help finish them off for the market.

We find CattleKing to be extremely passionate about their products, honest, very efficient & reliable. A very good company to deal with & we would not hesitate to recommend QuickLick Topline to anyone”.

Trevor & Lyn Pullen

‘Montrose’ St Lawrence

“We started using QuickLick Topline over 10 years ago as a drought fed. This was when M8U became difficult to source. We found that supplementing with QuickLick Topline kept our herd going through this very dry time. In the next season we achieved better than average preg test rates. Being liquid was another advantage, as it was much quicker to feed out.

We now feed QuickLick every year when the season starts to dry off, until it rains. This is an expense & time consuming practise which we find is justified by the excellent preg testing rates we achieve. From starting out as a drought surviving tactic, to becoming a very important management tool, QuickLick helps us to stay profitable & allows us to look at different options for our herd”.

John & Delores

‘Oakleigh’ Augathella

John & Delores bought ‘Oakleigh’, an 83,000 acre property back in 1993. ‘Oakleigh’ is used as a breeding operation, running from 1,500 to 1,800 breeders & supplying EU accredited steers weighing from 450kg to 500kg. The aim of the supplement program, is to maintain cattle weight gains throughout the year to achieve their target weight earlier. Before feeding QuickLick John had used M8U & other liquid supplements. These proved too expensive & uneconomical to feed.

“We started using QuickLick 5 years ago during a dry period. The cattle held on very well & we found the benefits outweighed the cost. We already have a short growing season so why let them go backwards”.

“Feeding QuickLick is also a great management tool as it improves the handling ability of your herd, as cattle are much quieter”, says John. – John & Delores ‘Oakleigh’ Augathella

Bill Douglas

‘Mt Lonsdale’ Mungallala

“We have found other liquid supplements in the past but have found QuickLick to be more cost effective. Our weaners are fed on Topline throughout the winter, ensuring they are ready to go forward when the season breaks”

Russel & Anita Smith

‘Strathmuir’ St Lawrence

‘Strathmuir’ is a 20,000 acre property purchased by the Smith family in 1959. Russel & Anita’s property runs approx. 2,500 head of Brahman cattle & turns off fat bullocks & Cull females.

“We always used M8U but because of the shortage of molasses in 2002 we started using QuickLick Topline. Since then we have never used anything else.
“The cattle utilize dry feed better on QuickLick  & we find the product to be less labour intensive & easier than M8U. The main reason we keep feeding QuickLick is to keep the high calving rates that we receive each year, which is around 86-87% pregnancy”.

David & Julie McCamley

Lancefield Brahmans, Palmalmal, Dingo

We started using QuickLick in October 2002 and should have started two months earlier but we were not set up for using it. After initial use we noticed that cows were cycling again, even in drought conditions. We were putting QuickLick out weekly until we received rain in February 2003 when there was no roughage left, but we are sure if we were not using QuickLick we could have lost many breeders both stud and commercial. As it was we did not lose anything.

We also fed QuickLick to a group of young weaner bulls where their paddock had some good dry roughage and these bulls did exceptionally well. We intend to feed QuickLick to our weaner bulls from now on, when we wean until summer rains come. We believe that with Warren’s knowledge, that we are in capable hands and intend using QuickLick as a vital part of our management program.

Steve Farmer

Comanchee Droughtmasters, Morinish

We started using QuickLick Topline in January 2002, during an average season. To convince ourselves of the product, we set-up a two month trial using our joined yearling heifers.

The final results showed a 200% return on our investment, plus flow-on benefits. We are now convinced that using Topline all year round on our young cattle and bullocks prior to finishing is the way to go. After all, it just makes good business sense.

Craig & Graham Ross

Kemmis Creek, Nebo

There are two great innovations in the grazing industry in recent years – Polypipe & QuickLick

Having used M8U, various dry licks and medicated water and having experienced a number of droughts, we have found QuickLick – fast, efficient and foolproof. Breeders come through in good order and in calf.

Dale Watts

Carama Park Brahman Stud, Mt Hector Station, Proserpine

Due to the prolonged dry conditions and subsequent high demand for molasses throughout the region, it was evident that supply would be cut short, so we looked for an alternative. QuickLick , the ready mixed supplement, not only kept animals in reasonable condition; eg kept breeders cycling so calving % were maintained during dry season; and similarly with fattening herds, their condition levels were maintained, so when the season did change the weight gains were over a short period.

We found it to be a time saver, being that instead of four and a half to five days of putting out and hand working molasses and dry mix, we have cut down to only two days of putting QuickLick out, which is already mixed to our requirements.

This proved to be time effective as well as cost effective, with a huge saving on labour cost and the actual cost of QuickLick itself.

Brent Gadsby


We started using QuickLick September 2003. At the time we had to push mulga to feed the cattle and were losing the odd cow. Within a month of using QuickLick the cattle started to clean up in their coats and the cows started to cycle. It well and truly paid for itself by bringing the cattle back into a productive state. This year we have had terrific calving rates despite the drought.

Neil York


We have used QuickLick for the past 2 years and have found it to be a cost effective way of supplementing our Hereford cattle when the seasons have become drier and there has been dry feed available. We have bulk tanks and distribute QuickLick to troughs in the paddock with a tonne shuttle. We have no hesitation in recommending QuickLick to other cattle producers.

Jason Bruggemann


So far this is our worst year. If you start to feed QuickLick out early enough the cattle stay in good condition. When you put the bulls out they work straight away as the cows are cycling despite the dry season. Cows milk well. Calves are coming at the right time of the year and we don’t have late calves. We have found QuickLick the cheapest and best product.

Barry Ahern


Last year we recorded the average weight of our steers & bullocks and since using QuickLick they have done much better. They have put on enough weight to pay for the QuickLick and have gone through the dry season extremely well.

Delivery Options

Road Delivery (QuickLick)

11,000, 23,000, 34,000 or 46,000 litre orders can be delivered direct to the farm via Single semi-trailer, B-double, or Road train configuration. (Depending on size of customer’s tank).

Road Delivery (Pellet/Meal)

B-Double loads of Pellets or Meal can be delivered on farm by our hard working contractors. These loads consist of 40 tonnes or product and can be delivered to you on farm.

Onsite Fills

Local farmers can fill up any amount of 1000 litre pods on site here at the depot.

Pallet Pickup

Protein meal can either be collected from the Depot or delivered in the form of 1 tonne Pallets or 1 tonne bulka bags (minimum of 4 tonne) either out of Sarina Depot or Brisbane Depot.